The Team

The Boss

Long term Cambodia rider Zeman Mccreadie – The Man with the Plan. Puts together and leads all the tours. First crash landed in country in 1994 as a backpacker. When not leading tours works as a Jet Boat Skipper on Whale and Dolphin spotting trips off the West Coast of Wales. “I lead my tours from behind the handlebars of a motorcycle – not from behind a desk.”

The Toys

For Off-Road The Boss likes his Honda XR400s – simple, effective and subtly modified

Mr Bonthim ‘Tim’ The Fixer

The man with the magic touch – he can make whole motorcycles disappear from one part of the country and magically reappear in a completely different province. Looks after all support vehicle needs as well as cooking a mean BBQ steak in the jungle. Usually to be found laughing.

The Beast

The best support vehicle in the business – Cambodia Expeditions Toyota HJ75. Straight six, 4.2 Diesel powered, go anywhere ability with Tim at the wheel.

Mr Leng ‘The Superstar’

Top supercross rider, top guide, top guy. The Macgyver of the Cambodian Dirt Bike Tour World, with more sharp surprises than a Leatherman pocket knife. No better man to get lost in the wilds of Cambodia with. Luckily. Just don’t ask him to find any waterfalls…

Doesn’t matter what Lengs riding – he’s still going to be faster than you. Even on this Mondolkiri Adventure Bike he’s in front of you

Dr Dave – ‘SafeHands’

He rides, he laughs, he puts you back together when you fall off. Dave is an Emergency Medical Practitioner from the UK who rides with us. The Real Deal. Not some kid with a First Aid Certificate. Hey – is that Leng again?

In Cambodia he rides a Honda XR250 Baja, in Vietnam he rides a Suzuki DRz400, in India an Enfield. Doesn’t matter what he rides as long as he has his magic bag full of fix you up stuff

Makara – ‘Mechanical Mastermind’

If he can’t fix it – it can’t be fixed. Fit as a butchers dog, he has to be to carry round 100kgs of tools and spare parts on his XR400. Runs on pure red stripe Coca-Cola. About 2 cans per hour.

Makara and ‘Grandma’ his faithful XR400

Diesel and Sprocket – Savage Guard Dogs at CamEx HQ, Sihanoukville

Mr Eap and Mike ‘Mechanic at Large’ Rowley – more about these two rascals later. If we can find them…