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“Fascinating Culture and Awesome Riding…..Bike Adventures don’t get any better than this”……Michael Guy, MotorCycleNews UK, Global Enduro Trip 1, 2009.

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‘Our support vehicle has brought all the necessary supplies – good food, good wine’ as Mccreadie likes ‘to inject a little style.’ Trails of the Unexpected, Independent On Sunday, UK. Jan 30 2005

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“This team has been running tours and rallies since 1998. Very professional with some great routes…” Nick Ray, Lonely Planet Cambodia, June 2012


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Lost in the Cardomons

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‘From start to finish, the best adventure tour I have ever taken. Nothing is overlooked by Zeman, the owner of this tour company.’ Adam Lempel, on Trip Advisor – read more

‘Hard to think of a way to make it any better. Laid back but loads of adrenalin, flexible but superbly organised and enough latitude to always change plans and go with the flow. Cambodia Expeditions ticks all the boxes and is 100% recommended.’ Leigh Hayman, Facebook Reviews